Friday, March 23, 2012

There's Ranch in my Pants

One of my favorite read-alouds as a kid was "A Light in the Attic," which I remember being quite hilarious for both my mom and us kids. Thankfully my girls love this and other Shel Silverstein volumes, so we've been plowing through them and cracking up together -- nightly. So here is my tribute to Mr. Silverstein: a fun little creation that was inspired by Eve when she wiggled on the couch and said to me, "I think there's ranch in my pants." Enjoy!

There's ranch in my pants,
and beans in my beard,
And ham slices, for worse or for better,
Are dangling like weeds
grown from sunflower seeds
amongst arugula in my argyle sweater.

There's a billion bacon bits
scratching my arm pits,
I've got olives in my front left pocket.
There's asparagus to spare
filling my underwear
and falling out, unless I can stop it.

And then there's the croutons,
the carrots, the cheese,
which squish all around in my socks.
While I haven't checked there
I think there's eggs in my hair,
and somewhere, my celery stalks.

My belt bursts with spinach.
There! I'm finally finished
with this funny, food-stuffed ballad.
My message complete:
You are what you eat.
And sometimes you have to be salad.

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  1. Hi Courtney
    Keith led me to your blog today;) I have enjoyed reading the last few posts, remembering your creativity and personality and also enjoying our similar stages of life....Our Autumn is about to start walking and it reminded me of the first steps Claire took to you!