Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This one's a bit of a downer

This is the first poem I remember writing. I wrote it when I was eleven. I believe I was thinking about death a lot, in those days.

With that in mind, enjoy a leisurely stroll into my junior high-aged brain!

"The Painting"
(or maybe, "The Waterfall". Or something equally profound.)

A solitary waterfall
slips and slides.
Over rock and trees and hills
it glides.

Never stopping, never ceasing
so unlike life,
which can easily be ended
by a gun or a knife.

As I stare at the painting
frozen in time
I wonder: "Who was this artist?"
and "Where was his mind?"

Morbidly thought-provoking, yes? Great use of quotes, yes? My favorite part is the cute rhyme scheme, despite the fact that my subject matter is death and deadly weapons.

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